The Law Office of Rodney Pat Ramsey represents clients in a wide variety of personal injury matters in Ellis County, Texas.

Personal injury refers to the physical injury or damage a person suffers due to someone else’s negligence. Any type of bodily injury as a result of an accident or animal attack can also be categorized as negligence, and a person can file a lawsuit to recover damages from whosoever is responsible for your injuries.

If you are seeking legal advice involving dog bites and animal attacks; slip and fall incidents; motor vehicle accidents; motorcycle crashes; 18-wheeler wrecks; drunk driving accidents; premises liability claims; construction site accidents; industrial accidents; product liability; defective products; electric shock injuries; or any other kind of personal injury claim, please take advantage of our free attorney consultation by calling 972-935-9111 or click here to send us a message. We will seek the Justice you deserve.

Motorcycle wrecks and big rig trucking accidents often cause the most serious injuries to the rider or operator. Contact our office now to protect your rights. The clock is running and you must file your claim within a certain period or your claim might be lost forever.

If you are in need of a civil attorney to help fight against the negligence of another then we can help!

Rodney Pat Ramsey understands that an injury to you or a family member can have far reaching effects. Personal injury matters can be complicated and devasting if not handled properly. It is important to have a skilled attorney protecting your interest in any personal injury. If you have been injured as a result of another’s Negligence call our firm to protect your rights. Car wrecks; dog bites; motor vehicle accidents; motorcyle accidents; industrial accidents; wrongful death actions; and more. We have the ability to recover for your losses.

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